Pestel Analysis Of Clothing Industry

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This critique is a reflection of Strategic Industry Analysis of clothing Industry in United Kingdom, Italy and France. To achieve such aims, data were collected, reviewed and analyzed within the industry. By so doing, primary tools were exploited to give an in-depth information, these include: Orbis database, companies' web pages as well as academic and non-academic literatures. Due to limited information from countries' perspective (language barriers), this paper will analyze the European union clothing industry as a whole, in term of the development, the competitiveness and the disparity between top and bottom players in regards to financial performance. In order to explicitly analysis the clothing industry, emphasis must be laid on Textile…show more content…
PESTEL ANALYSIS Pestel is a strategic analysis tool used by organizations to scan the macro-environment in which they operates, helps to identify external factors that can affect the organization's business activities and performance (Gockeln 2014). Macro-environmental factors are those that affect clothing industry and the industry have no control over rather than adapting to it. By so doing, it gives ability to differentiate themselves from potential competitors and sustain performance. Table 2 depicted, (PESTEL) Political, Economic, Social/ Cultural, Technological, Environmental and Legal external factors. Political factors: these are examined from the political stability point of view, which covers government policy intervention in the economy, deregulation, taxation changes, as well as the attitude of political parties on the government policy. Because the EU textile and clothing industry is a leader in the world market, and its product is required all over the world, the European Union work to ensure a level playing field and inaugurated free trade agreement in the EU-28 through the application of the world trade organization agreement (WTO). This achievement has a dramatic positive impact on the sector to the extent that the sector is consistently experiencing 13% increase rate in its export and 4% increase in the import rate for past few years. Moreover, there have also been a constant increase of trade flow all over the world (European commission…show more content…
For instance, the world population is aging (OECD, 2013a), therefore, changes in demographic may be dangerous to solely teenage-oriented apparel firms based on the fact that competition for that segment is gradually diminishing (e.g. Coneen by design ltd). Nevertheless, these could be an opportunity for open and more flexible existing fashion retailers. Nowadays, customers are demanding for convenient shopping experience due to limited time in accessing or going to the market in person. Therefore, fashion or clothing firms with quality and easy to navigate web page will attract more customer (Chaturvedi, Martich, Ruwadi & Ulker, 2013). Furthermore, it is noted that customers, particularly from developed nations like UK, France and Italy are more and more concerned about their health and the report on individual health expenditure over the last decade by OECD (2011) has confirmed that. The report shows that customers are becoming more inquisitive in the type, nature, origin and the processing method of materials in which, apparel and clothing firms uses in producing their product. Thus, demanding for transparency and accountability. Consequently, many customers have gone green and they are persistently advocating for sustainable and ethical activities of firms (Johansson, 2010; Pookulangara
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