The Importance Of Fruit And Vegetables

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Fruits and vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet as they provide the human body with nutrients and energy. Without them our bodies may experience digestive and cardiovascular problems, as well as additional chronic diseases and some forms of cancer, thus highlighting their importance (Donvito). When shopping, consumers in search of healthy produce often times pick up contaminated options. They’re contaminated by the very things that aid in their to grow: pesticides and fertilizers. Pesticides are products that are meant to control pest and much like the way we take steps to keep our gardens from pests and disease, farmers use pesticides to save their crops from affliction; this ironically results in crops that aren’t properly suit to be consumed.…show more content…
The use of fertilizers containing ammonium stems from the Haber process: as the world population began to skyrocket, farmers searched for a way to increase their crop output, otherwise they would be producing enough food for 4 billion people, meanwhile the world’s population is at 7 billion. The solution to this problem was to use fertilizers; genetically modifying crops results in a faster growth rate for crops that grow to a much larger

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