Pestle Analysis Of Driverless Cars In My City

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Response to the Part 2:

PESTLE Analysis on “Driverless Cars” in My City.....

I am working in Hosur, Tamilnadu. Since already Mr. Kesavaraj covered his analysis on Hosur, I would like to take my Native City “Coimbatore, Tamilnadu” for my analysis.

“Coimbatore” – Manchester, Nucleus & 4th Largest Cosmopolitan City of South India. It is well known for its year around awesome Climate & world’s Sweetest drinking water “Siruvani”. Recently had the pride label as “Smart City”, It is also one of the fastest growing tier-II cities in India & a major hub for Manufacturing, Textiles, Education & Medical Fields.

Political Factors:
1. Government focus is on Automobile Sector since it is a big source for revenue generation.
2. State Government is not Stable & powerful to autonomously support Driverless Cars.
3. Central Government is not in favor of Driverless vehicles as it aggravates unemployment.
4. Driver’s Trade Union which has strong influence on Government decisions are now against AV’s.
5. City is under Smart City Initiative by Government & hence moving towards “Intelligent Transport System” encourages Automations in Car’s.
6. Government focusing on Green Energy, Hence subsidy opportunities for Battery Vehicles.

Economic Factors:
1. Continuous increase in tax for luxury vehicles where Driverless Cars also falls in this segment.
2. Growth of the City: TN Cities recorded lowest growth in 3 years due to Political uncertainty.
3. Back to Back Economic Crisis & downturns already
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