Pestle Analysis Of External Factors Affecting Pick N Pay

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Business PESTLE Analysis Task Kieran Kikillus Pick n Pay Person Addressed: Gareth Ackerman, chairman of Pick n Pay Title of Report: Analysis of External Factors Affecting Pick n Pay Terms of Reference The chairman of Pick n Pay, Gareth Ackerman has requested a report which is designed to analyse the macro environment in which the business operates to identify any potential threats, as well as to formulate appropriate strategies to prevent any of these threats from crippling the business unexpectedly. Procedure I will be using a PESTLE analysis to investigate these effects. In this analysis I will integrate various sources with my own knowledge. Once I have identified the problems facing Pick n Pay in each environment I will offer suggestions on how to overcome the problems and turn them into opportunities, or highlight how Pick n Pay is already facing the issues. As an external analyst, not affiliated with Pick n pay, I will offer a fair and objective analysis. Findings In my findings I have identified the main external factors which affect Pick n Pay. It is difficult to tell whether or not a certain factor wlll affect Pick n Pay in practice, even if it seems in theory that it would, so I have included many examples that are specific to Pick n Pay as it is clear that what Pick n Pay is doing in each case has been caused largely by a need created by a macro-environmental factor. I have added Physical and Ethical factors to my analysis to make my report more

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