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Shubinak came into existence after thorough research. There are more than 25 retail fashion brands working in Pakistan. These include Gul-ahmed, nishat, bareeze, chenone and many other retail brands. Few have launched lifestyles brands and among them Shubinak is one of the existing brands. Team shubinak is working on its product development since 2005 and eventually the dream of introduction of brand in local market was realized in 2011. Shubinak is about the culture. A culture which people used to visit that is of Chitral. People have used Chitrali products and show them as their work. Shubinak was launched under the corporate umbrella of Looptex Pvt. LTD and Mogh Pvt. Ltd. The reason for launching brand
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Political situation of Chitral is very difficult one. There is no political system. NGO’s are exploiting resources as nobody knows what to do. So shubinak have to look upon whether they can stop people to exploit the beauty of Pakistan.
Economics: People of Chitral are blessed with resources. Even then economy of Pakistan is disturbing the life style of Chitrali people. Inflation rate has been increased abruptly and thus prices of products from these areas rise.
Social: Society is moving more towards quality products. Society is using lifestyle brands and shubinak is moving with lifestyle products including, garments, home accessories, dry fruits cushions. It will help a local brand to move into local market with all experts’ advice.
Technology: Chitrali people used to make designs by their hands and that is the beauty of their garments. However technology is a real concerned for them as they are not upgraded with latest technology. What shubinak team provides them is with new designs?
Legal: Chitral is in northern part. Government must give relaxation to team shubinak so that they can improve Chitrali people living
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Shubinak competitive advantage has already been discussed above.
Target audience: Since lifestyle brand however it covers both men and women range.
Prices: as all products are close to nature so pricing policy is right. We donot need to change prices at all.
Placement: They have to increase their retail outlets. They are currently working in Lahore, chitral, Islamabad and Canada. I suggest them following places within Lahore where than can improve sales.
• Mall Of Lahore
• Y block DHA Lahore
• Karachi at zamzama or forum.
• Promotions: They are focusing on exhibitions and leaflets/brouchers. However they have to raise awareness campaigns. This can be done by educating target audience at their door step. So sponsorship and event management can help people to increase brand equity. They can use following promotional tools
• Word of mouth
• Brand ambassador in colleges
• SMS marketing
• Magazines
• E catalogues.
 In-house production
 International experience of Production
 Innovative in Product development

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