Pestle Analysis Of Vodafone

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The telecommunications industry includes companies that offer communication services worldwide through the use of phone and Internet technologies. The creation of the infrastructures, which enable us to easily communicate nowadays, has been created by such companies in order to allow data to be conveniently sent from nearly any part of the world to another. Among said companies, Internet service providers, cable, satellite and wireless companies are the largest operators in the telecommunication industry. To have an idea of how important the telecommunication industry is, it is fundamental to consider all its economic and social impacts on today’s societies. Data report worldwide telecommunications spending of $5.6 trillion in 2015, market…show more content…
in fact, it has as objective to remain one of the leaders on the world market, with a lot of effort in improving their services through 'enhancement'; and their goal of entering new emerging markets continues to grow. To analyse the external environment using the PESTLE analysis: it includes six factors that may affect the company both positively and negatively. Political factors may change from state to state, but relate to licensing of mobile phones and the measures that can be adopted. In fact, the government can reduce or ban the use of smartphones in some places or in some circumstances they can cause health problems. beyond that, you have to have approval to build its own network in new countries. economic factors: the people who are trying to create a contract for the phone are always willing to spend less money, in fact, look at the company that offers the most services available to less price. thus creating a challenge to reduce the cost of calls and text messages. Social and cultural factors: from year to year more and more lowers the average age for the purchase of the phone, in fact, already at a very young age is often used. technological factors: The introduction of the Internet and the 3G-4G speeds made possible an easier communication with customers of Vodafone, with a click you can get information…show more content…
taking the example of the European market, it is currently in the process of maturity which means that there is more potential for growth than other emerging markets. Vodafone's current strategy already provides for the merger in markets where the economy is growing at a fast pace, it should also take into account to enter the markets in which the technology is not quite available yet. This would allow them to build an infrastructure network in the country and in the future could become a market leader or even a monopoly. This income could be used to cover or back up from a loss of another project in which they failed to succeed or who did not bring a great

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