Pestle Factors In The Devil Wears Prada

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The Macro Environment: Section A Although these particular cases not evident in the Devil Wears Prada these PESTLE factors are relatable to the film and are PESTLE factors which I believe having a prominent influence on Runway Magazine. PESTLE challenge Application to the Movie Time Situation ______ Technological: With the technological advances magazines can now be bought online and viewed on a tablet or iPad and even on your phone. Runway would need to invest in their own online Runway edition so as to attract the young and technological consumers as well as to keep up to their competitors. Adding this new online magazine would cost them money but once established they can recover those costs. _______ Legal or Social: A macro challenge which could impact Runway Magazine is if the used size zero models only to advertise their clothing. This is discrimination as what they are implying is that only very thin women are beautiful and worthy to be featured in the magazine. They may find themselves in a legal battle self image activists who are insulted by the content in the magazine. This bad image will therefore lead to Runway loosing investors are they feel their profit will decrease. You do in fact hear Miranda mention that most of the girls that work for her are “slender…show more content…
Much of what featured in the movie was more of the internal factors of a business and therefore I believe the micro environment should have been the topic of the film review rather than the macro environment. Questions about the mission, vision and organisation culture of Runway magazine would have been more applicable than questions about PESTLE and PESTLE

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