Pet Censorship

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There are many misconstrued ideas when it comes to adding a pet to a family. Both positive and negative aspects exist if there are young children in the home, or future plans to have children. But above all, these issues need to be cleared up. Do people want to know what pets can do for them and their children? It’s time to find out the pros and cons to pet ownership with children. Many people feel that households with young children should not have pets although pets have many positive health, social and Educational benefits to children. While there are a number of negative aspects to owning a pet, there are so many more positive benefits to people who have animals in their lives. It is true that animals can be potential carriers of transmittable…show more content…
Pets can assist in teaching responsibility by having a child learn how to properly care for, feed, walk the pet as well as cleaning up after them. Caring for pet can also help a child develop their social skills. (AACAP, 2013) Learning to be a responsible pet owner can easily be taught by watching their parents and the way they care for the pets. By caring for an animal not only can help teach responsibility, but also can help children develop respectful and caring temperament toward not only their own pet but for all animals. Having a child assist with house training duties can also help teach them the importance of consistency of a routine if they don’t want a mess to clean up later. (Williams, 2010) The fact that in most cases, house training is not accomplished over one day or night teaches the children…show more content…
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