Pet Food Marketing Plan

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Table of Contents 1.0) Executive Summary 3 1.1) Objectives 3 1.2) Mission 3 1.3) Keys to success 3 2.0) Product and Services 4 2.1) Sourcing 5 2.2) Technology 5 3.0) Market Analysis Summary 5 3.1) Market Segmentation 6 3.2) Target Market Segment Strategy 7 3.2.1) Market Trends 7 3.2.2) Market Needs 8 3.2.4) Market growth 8 4.0) Website plan summary 9 4.1) Website marketing strategies 9 4.2) Development Requirements 10 5.0) Strategy and Implementation 10 5.1) Value Proposition 11 5.2) Competitive Advantage 11 Works Cited 12 1.0) Executive Summary Golden Foods™, is a company that specializes in selling pet foods for over a 100 years. The company has a long history due to its quality services, and is currently run by the family…show more content…
5.2) Competitive Advantage Golden Foods™ will have a nice competitive advantage over the others in the market, the products that Golden Foods™ offers are absolutely much healthier than the other competitors in the market, Golden Foods™ looked around the rivals products and noticed that the agent BHA/BHT is available is almost all of their products, this is known to be a major carcinogen agent that could turn to be deadly for most pets, on the other hand Golden Foods™ ensure that this agent will never exist in any of its product to ensure again ultimate healthiness for their consumers pet. Another thing that Golden Foods™ noticed immediately is that the other rivals in the region sell pet food that contains grain and animal by-products as the primary ingredient, again grain is not an ingredient that cat specially could benefit from as it only fills them without adding any nutritional value, the same goes for by-products, by-products consist of the hair, skin, and bones of animals this really adds nothing to their daily nutritional needs again but companies choose to take less care of their consumers. Golden Foods™, while sells products at a higher price, but makes sure that the primary ingredient is real meat, and taurine , that is an essential protein source for the animals muscles to function properly, and other important ingredients that makes the consumers worry less about their pet
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