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Suggested Title: For Perfect Pet Grooming Results, Start With the Right Tools!
Suggested Title: Everything You Wanted to Know About Pet Grooming!
Suggested Title: Should You Groom Your Pet At Home?
While the occasional bath and brushing is enough to keep short haired pets happy and healthy, when it comes to long haired breeds, the story is quite different. Despite regular wash downs and daily combing, fast growing fur turns into an issue for pets and pet owners alike.
As a loving pet parent, you may learn to accept the generous coating of hair on your couch, rugs and upholstery, but your four legged friend will not be happy with the tangles, the mats and the parasites and skin issues they harbor. To put it simply, there is simply no escaping the need for coat grooming with a long haired pet, be it a cat, dog, rabbit or any other animal.
Professional grooming is an
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Although this is a necessity when you are working with large, long haired breeds like huskies, golden retrievers, double coated Alsatians, etc, as far as small to medium sized dogs go, two pairs of scissors are all you need to keep your dog's coat well groomed.
1. A pair of scissors for overall hair trimming; typically, a curved blade scissor is best suited for trimming the coat.
2. Straight scissors for handling areas close to the nose, eyes, anus, ears and paws
These two pairs of scissors will be enough to groom small and medium sized breeds like toy and mini poodles, bichon and yorkies. Even with large breeds, you will still need these scissors to add a touch of perfection to the grooming job after you have worked with an electric trimmer. If you have taken your pet to the salon for his maiden grooming session, these scissors will come in handy when maintaining the coat afterwards. So, it would be safe to say that if you are a pet owner, these scissors are "must-have" tools for you.
Choosing the best scissors for the

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