Pet Office Automation Project Report

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For the purpose of organizing customer information and their duly appointments, All about pet office automation project requires to develop and maintain the respective data of pets. To meet the organization fundamental business demands, a GUI with the access to MS reports will be inevitable. It would be quite easy to have quick access in locating the customer pet combination by just entering some basic information part of the Pet's name as part of the customer name. All this would help enlisting the shortlisted pet combinations as per information provided. Having located the required pet combination, customer information can be easily accessed by just clicking on that row for verification. Another click will help popping
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How the said project bolsters the corporate goals and intended objectives, are best demonstrated by the following table:

Business goal/Aim Detail
Informing on time Business records can be reported timely, automatically and accurately with the help of Computerized project of All About Pets Office. Business records include business models, workers’ wages, social allowances or annuities and income taxes
Advance employees capability In order to trace the client services, manual paper working will be replaced by All About Pets database
Shifts for front desk officer. The other workers will be allowed to perform front desk functions that will favor independence and elasticity within the company.
Stability of operations Only one person will not be accountable for all the financial operations because of the computerized office system. The system will perform same operations with the help of a system of checks and balances.

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All About Pets Office Automation Project can be very fruitful and successful if each and every member of the company supports these strategic Plans directly.

Plan Aim/Objective Connection to the project
Management Information plan of Dog Den 2011 Advance the process of record keeping and information management. Real time information can be accessed through this project. It will also facilitate data entry. This project will help to increase the data accuracy, secure repository for payroll, tax and routine reports.
2011 Dog Den Strategic
Scheme for Human Resource Involve the employees With the help of this project, the employees will be able to manage their payroll.
2011 Dog Den Strategic
Proposal for consumer
Service Increase customer satisfaction by improving the services Manual customer services will be eliminated via this project. Customer service operations will be mechanized that offers maximum customer satisfaction
2011 Dog Den Strategic
Plot for

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