Pet Parakeet Persuasive Speech

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EVIDENCE: 10 THINKING: 7 Picture this, you go into your beautiful house and see no fighting, it's clean, and its normal, must be heaven for you, right? Well that's all because you see everyone looking at a parakeet, and because of that parakeet, it’s heaven. What if you go to pavilions and you are about to leave, but then, your pet parakeet reminds you of something you need to get, won’t that be good, well it is, all because of a pet parakeet. I should have a pet parakeet because it's cheap, it can improve happiness, and they are easy to take care of. One reason I should have a parakeet is because they are cheap.Parakeets food is only $4.99 each week! Which is only $20 a month, and it can be less because it can eat fruits and vegetables which we have so it could narrow the cost down to $10 a month! Pet parakeets are cheap by itself, cause they only cost $10 - $15 Dollars, just for the parakeets. Don’t even get me started on the bird cages, their only cost $25 - $50 Dollars. Also, parakeets are one of the cheapest animal to get! With that money you spend they come with a long lifespan about 10 - 13 years so we don’t have forget a lot of then pets.…show more content…
Parakeets get much happier and healthier if you socialize with them, same with humans, and since we have 4 children in our family, everyone will be happy. According to the website BirdCagesNow, it states, parakeets are a great choice for families with younger children, and doesn't that match our family, so it would be better than any other pet. You can even teach parakeets to talk, and wouldn't you want that? You could teach it to say “Don’t forget your wine!”, which could help you some day. “But won’t it cause a lot of squeaking?” Some people might say that, but if you put a dark cover over it it will stop squeaking and go to sleep because it will think it’s

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