Pet Service Dog Essay

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Paragraph 1: Introduction
Imagine living in a world where there is less stress, fewer emotional problems, people are happy and healthy, and those who have a physical disability no longer have to depend on others for assistance. There are disabled people who need help getting around and doing daily chores. There are some adults and children who are in poor health and need to become more active to stay healthy, and do not forget the elderly who are sometimes isolated and need a little companionship. The intelligent solution would be for everyone to have a pet, not just those mentioned above. There are several benefits of owning a pet; they can provide support to the disabled, they help people keep physically fit, and they inspire the lonely …show more content…

• There are service dogs that can support the hearing impaired by waking people up when the alarm sounds, notifying them when someone is at the door, and indicating when they hear a baby cry.
• Another type of service dog can help the physically disabled by opening doors, picking up keys, and carrying groceries.
• Guide dog, alternatively, can direct a blind person through traffic and alert them to danger. Vincent et al (2015) explained that “The term ‘‘service dog’’ refers to dogs trained to do unfamiliar work, such as mobility assistance dogs, seizure alert dogs or other medical alert dogs, and psychiatric service dogs. ‘‘Service dog’’ may be used synonymously with ‘‘assistance dog’’ and is occasionally used for other types of working dogs as well (e.g. therapy dogs) [1].” (p. 132-140)

Paragraph 3
Not only can dogs provide a service to people, but both dogs and cats can also keep us healthy and active.
• Dogs can encourage people to exercise more and help keep people fit by going on regular walks, swimming together, or just playing at home.
• You can improve our mood and blood pressure by simply petting a cat or

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