Pet Shop Case Study

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2.0 Company Description 2.1 General description of business Fluffy Tale Sdn. Bhd. is a limited company which involving in pet services, pet grooming, pet grooming course, pet café and pet hotel. We offer dogs’ training program, pet café, swimming class and several special classes for the owner to understand their current status about their furkids such as pet medical care, pet knowledge sharing session and more. 2.2 Mission • Provide different kind of products and services that can fully satisfy our consumers’ needs. • To provide first-class customer services, high standard products and extraordinary care. We also provide the pet lovers and their fur kids with a variety of relax, fun, clean, safe and comfortable alternatives to release…show more content…
The growing rate of the industry which is depends on consumer’s purchasing power and their income level, consumer’s purchasing power on their pet has increased by 6% in 2011 to 2012 .It can be estimated that there are 30 pet shop in Penang island which is based on a search at Penang island. The pet products observers 5% of the current value growth to reach nearly RM81 million sales in 2012. We can see that Malaysia’s market amount in pet care industry is raising for every year. In the year 2010, pet care only carries RM431.0mn market size, while in 2011, the sales value of pet care industry raises to RM463.1mn and it raising continously to RM491.1mn in the year 2012. Fluffy Tale Sdn.Bhd. able to hit the large amount of revenue as the market is expected to growth in the following year according to Euromonitor International Passport GMID. The trends of the lovers care about their furkids are showing signs of weakening. The people that treat their fur kids to be human is already started…show more content…
Other expenses 2,000 2,350 Depreciation: Office equipment 2,550 2,850 fixture & fittings - 32,315 - 38,520 Net Profit 741,105 841,560 6.3 Pro Forma Statement of Cash Flow PRO FORMA STATEMENT OF CASH FLOWS FOR (FLUFFY TALE) 2013 Projected 2014 Projected RM RM Cash flows from operating activities Net income 741,105 841,560 Changes in working capital: Depreciation 6,650 7,680 Increase in accounts receivable (9,570) (12,360) Increase in accrued expenses 9,670 17,820 Decrease in inventory 106,780 62,300 Decrease in accounts payable (8,670) (9,580) Total adjustments 104,860 65,860 Net cash provided by operating activities 845,965 907,420 Cash flows from investing activities Purchase of building and equipment (65,000) (45,000) Net cash flows provided by investing activities (65,000) (45,000) Cash flows from financing activities Capital 900,000 - Proceeds from increase in long-term debt 150,000 - Interest payment (35,000) (35,000) Net cash flows provided by financing activities 1,015,000

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