Pet Supply Store Marketing Strategy

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Present your introduction: Pet food and pet care have emerged as a growing and profitable market. SNHU Pet Supply Store has experienced tremendous growth over the past five years, as they are ready to launch a new all-natural pet food line.
Bullet 1: Introduce an innovative pet food line called Lickety-Splits Natural Bowls made of all natural ingredients.
Bullet 2: The demographic goal of Lickety-Splits Natural Bowls is to target the market of pet owners aged 25 to 50
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Bullet 3: The evolution of the All-Natural petfood business continues to experience fundamental change. The informed parent of a pet has surfaced while the average pet owner is spending more and challenging pet suppliers on their commitment to better nutrition and seeking
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Studies show that successful businesses that leverage Google AdWords have driven traffic to their site, marketed their products/services and ultimately increased sales.
Sub-Bullet 1: Consequently Google AdWords can consume into a large portion of marketing spending.
Sub-Bullet 2: However, AdWords delivers measurable results and is worth the investment. SNHU Pet Supply Store ads get viewed right when your target audience is searching for the products/services we are selling.
Introduction: Many think emails as an advertising channel is outdated, think again. Email marketing still has the lowest costs per lead and should be a digital channel that SNHU Pet Supply Store can leverage to its maximum benefit.
Bullet 1: A survey by the Radicati Group, explains that there will be more than a billion business email accounts by 2017, and over 70 percent of worldwide email accounts will be consumer accounts. SNHU Pet Supply Store will capitalize on the "advertising opportunity" offered by emails. Email marketing is big and has positive impact of production.
Bullet 2: A strategic creative email has outstanding potential to deliver the returns for SNHU Pet Supply
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