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What is the psychological impact of pet-therapy on people?
Animal-assisted therapy is a developing area in the filed of human mental well being. Researches provided by different corresponding Institutions and Centers by present moment have showed that animal-assisted therapy can provide physical, physiological, and psychological health benefits for specific population as well as common people. Present research will discuss AAT history, AAT types, positive effect on human’s well being of animal companionship and animal-assisted therapy, benefits and disadvantages of pet ownership. It will also flag a lack of complex research of the subject and necessity to carry out scientific investigation with proper records so that AAT may become an officially recognized medical method for patient’s treatment.

What is Pet Therapy
Boris Levinson – is considered to be a founder of pet therapy – “Pet Facilitated Therapy” in 1969. Discovered fully by chance, he stated that “Animals play an important part in the process of evolution. They are vital to our mental welfare.” As time passed by, through the 1980′s and 1990′s, Animal Assisted Therapy has received more support in terms of showing the effect of interaction with animals on the
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Also known as animal-assisted therapy (AAT), pet therapy interactions are used to help improve patients’ mental, social, emotional, and physical functions. Therapy can take place in a wide range of settings including hospitals, care homes, and treatment centers and can involve different activities such as walking, looking after, and grooming the therapy animal. Just like any other form of treatment, the specific components of the pet-therapy program are decided on a case-by-case basis so they address the particular needs of each
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