Petaluma Police Department Essay

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He has worked for the Petaluma Police Department for the last 10 years. Prior to being hired at the PPD, he had applied at the SRPD and SFPD twice, the sheriff’s department and CHP. It took him approximately 9 months to get hired, and then he went through the police academy. The police officer works swing shifts and it rotates weekly. One week he’ll work 4 days a week for 11 hour shifts. The following week, he’ll work 3 days a week for 11 hour shifts and so forth. His shifts are from 6pm to 5am. With the highest amount of calls for service between 6pm and 8pm. Every 6 weeks the department has a built in training day which makes up for the hours he missed on the weeks he would only work 3 days. It’s difficult for him to coordinate things such as social events, medical appointments or attend his children’s ballet classes or basket games because his work schedule requires him to have an unusual sleep schedule since the rest…show more content…
The softball game is made into a family day, so all of the police officers family’s get together and do a BBQ, rent a jumpy for the kids, and make t-shirts for all the police officers to wear. It’s a sloppy game because they don’t ever practice but that’s exactly what makes it more enjoyable. The super bowl game weekend is held in Reno each year and it’s a handful of police officers from the department who get together and rent a huge hotel room and just hangout and enjoy each other’s company outside of the department. One thing which he loves about his department is that they’re very team and family oriented which means a lot to him. The officer enjoys his job because he gets to be out and about and moving instead of sitting in a cubicle all day long. He also appreciates not having his boss breathing down his throat and the fact that he can help people and make a difference in their
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