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Movie analysis Draft 2
On 2009, Pixar animation studios had against prove that they are the premier of the animated movie industry by producing another masterpiece of movie animation that won two awards at the 82nd academy award, and it named is UP. This masterpiece was directed by Pete Docter, whom also the director and story writer for several popular animated movies:” Monster INC, and Inside out, Wall-E and Toy story one and two.” The cinematographer for this movie are Patrick Lin and Jean- Claudie Kalache, and the composer is Michael Giacchino. Up is categorized as a fantasy, comedy-drama type of movie, but the first four minute scene of this movie is critical because it totally contradicted the comedy genre that the director set, it also
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In this scene, Docter specifically makes used of three elements, those elements are cinematography, lighting and music. These three elements that Docter incorporate in this scene really deliver to the audience the history of Carl and Ellie, and the emotional burden that Carl had to carry after his wife passed. For this scene to actually deliver its message and explain to the audience why Pete choose an old man as the main character and why the audience should root for him, the scene has to have a great cinematography and make good use of lighting technique.
The movie start with the camera zooming out to show a smiling young Carl that is ready for his wedding with his childhood love Ellie, and as the scene transition from the wedding chapel in the outside world, Docter started to utilize the high key lighting technique, the high key lighting is a technique that reduces the ratio of lighting on a presence of a scene, this technique purpose is to create an upbeat environment in the scene as proof when the camera zoom out to show a bright blue sky and below that is an old
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