Pete Hamill's The Yellow Ribbon

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Everyone has bad days and good days in their life, but we also make memories that we will never forget. It is that unforgettable moment that will stay with you to be remembered, either because something amazing happened or something awful happened, it all depends on how that day ends and what that day has consumed. As I read Pete Hamill’s essay, “The Yellow Ribbon,” I understand why that day was an unforgettable moment for Vingo. It is the day he is released from jail and proves that his wife wants him back in her life. He once told her in a letter “that if she would take him back to put a yellow handkerchief on the tree” (215). As Vingo got to the oak tree, he saw that it was not only one handkerchief, but it was filled with many yellow…show more content…
I was so happy that I started screaming so loud that everyone in my house thought I was in some type of trouble. As the night got closer, I asked my mom for a ride to the movie theater as she drove me, I didn’t know how to react in front of him. Time passed, and he texted me he was already there, I got more nervous and started walking towards him, to the place where he was waiting. I didn’t know whether to hug him or say hello, so I did both but I hugged him so fast I hit his arm. The date was starting to go badly, after getting the tickets to the movie, he asked me if I wanted something from the snack bar, I was so hungry, but I didn’t want to seem fat, so I told him “no, thank you.” This date was my unforgettable moment, because it was the first date a guy has ever asked me to go out on, but it is also unforgettable for all the little shy mistakes I made in front of him and staying hungry for the whole movie. Vingo’s unforgettable moment is just like my unforgettable moment, because we both had some type of enjoyment when we received the message from that special someone. As Vingo worried about what his wife was going to say, I was worried about how I was going to great my big crush and how not to be shy around him. At the end of the day, both Vingo and I received amazing news and would never forget how nervous and excited we
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