Pete Rose Essay

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If people were to search the name Peter Edward Rose they will see that he’s an all-time leader of base-hits,singles, at-bats, and games played. Pete Rose is one of the greatest baseball players to ever set foot on the diamond. Sadly, he will never be in the Hall of Fame because of his foolish mistake in gambling with his love for the game. Growing up in Cincinnati, Ohio as a child and being nicknamed ¨Charlie Hustle¨, must of made him feel the need to actually hustle people, even though the name had a completely different meaning. Beginning his journey to fame in 1963 when he made his professional debut as a Reds he knew he wanted to play hard every play in the game. On September 11, 1985 he beat out the legend Ty Cobb and became number…show more content…
Even though the physical evidence clearly shows that Pete would place bets as a player in the 80s not only on his team but on other professional sporting events. After a whole 15 years of banishment from the league he wrote this novel just so he can be an inductee in the early 2000 Hall of Fame. Throughout the book he talks about how he has a true gambling addiction and being in debt $25,000 (Quinn). Still to this day he will not ever be an inductee into the Legendary Cooperstown. Pete Rose is the only member on the ineligibility that will not be on the Hall of Fame Ballot ever in his lifetime. Players who were not selected by the BBWAA could be considered by the Veterans Committee in the first year after they would have lost their place on the Baseball Writers ' ballot. Under the Hall 's rules, players may appear on the ballot for only fifteen years, beginning five years after they retire. Had he not been banned from baseball, Rose 's name could have been on the writers ' ballot beginning in 1992 and ending in 2006. He would have been eligible for consideration by the Veterans Committee in 2007, but did not appear on the ballot. In 2008 the Veterans Committee barred players and managers on the ineligible list from consideration
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