Peter And Alice Play Analysis

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John Logan’s 2013 play Peter and Alice is an emotional exploration of the two real life characters that motivated two great stories. Peter and Alice directed by Rob Croser is a story full of life. A consultation between the real Alice in Wonderland and the real Peter Pan in a London bookshop in 1932. It was a production that needed to hit the spot, as it was the 100th production by the company. While Rob Croser was successful in portraying the emotions of each character, the reoccurring motifs throughout the production were tedious. Peter Llewellyn Davies was not able to cope as a young fantasy character that young kids looked up to so much. However Alice handled all the fame she was receiving when growing up. Pam O’Grady and William Cox take the primary roles of Peter and Alice. A noteworthy scene for both characters is when they enter the fantasy world. The contrast between the beige brown and fluoro green colours highlighted the re-telling of both their lives. The sudden adjustment of O’Grady’s body…show more content…
The piano was used in the opening scene and enhanced the way both Peter and Alice performed. The Last Post was used when Peter Pan was naming all the family members that had died in World War One. Overall the music was faint in the background and enhanced the acting at times. The eye-catching yet elaborate set consisted of a London bookshelf. The folding set, with a colourful Wonderland/Neverland mash up hiding behind the walls of a dusty bookstore was enchanted. The scrim, which was hiding the fantasy world from the present, was a main element towards the set. The set was also successful in portraying many of the themes of the play. For example, when Peter and Alice enter the world of magic and fantasy it creates the impression of the complications of growing up. This is completed through the toy ship and lake, which highlights the theme of
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