Peter And The Wolf Video Analysis

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Peter and the Wolf is a video about a kid going out to defeat the wolf, but there are many ways these video could be perceived in a deeper form. A lot had happen during 1946 and 2006, so each video have their differences in representation. These two videos also have a similar root of understanding. In the 1946 version, I believe it was a representation of segregation because America is in the midst of adjusting to African-Americans having rights. In the 2006 version, the wars could have been a huge factor in it. This what I believe each video represents.
Firstly, let get familar with some background of each time in history starting with the 1946 in the United States. In America, segregation was still a huge factor. The segregation all started
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As stated earlier, 1946 was the rise of Morgan v Virginia. This cause me to believe that the move had some representation to segregation all together. Firstly, Peter represents most African-American at the time. He was determined to go out and defeat the wolf. With blacks in 1946, most of them wanted to tear down segregation. People like W.E.B DuBois, Martin Luther King Jr, and Irene Morgan wanted feel like they could be accepted into the American way and end segregation. The wolf represented the destruction that happen during the segregation period. Even though segregation was the normal lifestyle, this lifestyle endangered a lot of black, emotionally and physically, and the wolf was causing harm upon the bird and duck. Peter’s grandfather represented the white Americans at this time. “Separate but equal” is the prime example of this because whites did not want anything to do with black and were holding them back. The grandfather was holding Peter back because he did not want him to go out and fight, which is what the whites did not want the black to be doing. This is the main symbolic moments I notice in the video with
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