Peter Brugel's Landscape With The Fall Of Icarus: Analysis

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The sun sets on the horizon, casting deep shadows over the landscape. On the top of the cliff a donkey pulls a wooden plough behind him, guided by a lone man in red surrounded by browns, blues, and greens. The cliff tapers off, falling gently to a beach by the water where a Shepard herds his sheep, pure white and full of wool, while they feast on the bright bushes. Crouched on the shoreline, a fisherman in white waits patiently for a catch. In Peter Brugel’s Landscape With The Fall Of Icarus, the land ends and water begins, infinite ocean, the waters mixing green and blue and black and white, holding within them ships and islands and the body of Icarus crashing through the surface. A great wooden galley heads towards the town on the horizon, floating mere feet away from where…show more content…
I had no idea what to do. How do you react when someone you love breaks down in front of you, and you know its all your fault? Walking over was impossible, each step a marathon, yet I kept going until I stood right in front her. She didn 't look up.

I grabbed her, hugged her, tighter than you can hold a person, tighter than possible, her sobbing into my shoulder and me not letting out a tear as I can’t get myself to cry.

Time passed, minutes that seemed like hours, an hour that seemed like an eternity, and we wouldn 't move. That would be our life from then on; just Molly and I, together in the woods, in the middle of nowhere. She wouldn 't have to back to Severn, and I wouldn 't be leaving for New Hampshire, and we would be together.

My phone rang, an echoing alarm snapping us back to reality. My parents were here. I took a step back and stood up straight. We looked each other in the eyes, and the foot of space between us stretched for miles.

I didn 't know what to say. “Will you be alright?” Was all I could think of.

“I’ll be fine. I promise.” She managed to force a smile as she said it, and I believed her. Without another word I walked away. What else

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