Peter Drucker's Contribution To The Modern Organization

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Peter Drucker, a well-known pioneer in management field and his teachings have contributed to the modern organization. He was known as the father of modern management as he was able to predict the future direction for the modern corporation. According to the article “The Man who Invented Management”, it stated that Drucker influences most of the leaders from different corporations in different business sectors (Business Week, 2005). The objectives of this paper is to study the Drucker’s teachings and have a better understanding on how its relevance to the modern organization.

Peter Drucker’s Teachings
Drucker’s teachings are valuable to modern organization. There are a numbers of teachings including knowledge worker, management by objective and so on. In this paper, three theories are picked to discuss.
Drucker mentioned that decentralization was benefited to the corporation because it assigns the authorities to the lower management department where they would felt that their contribution is important (BBC Learning, n.d.). Intentionally, this helps to increase the engagement of employees. Decentralization is good because more people provide input into decisions and employees are more likely to involve themselves (Robbins and Judge, 2013).
The Need for Planned Abandonment and Innovation
As the teachings of Drucker, he stressed that the large organizations have to learn to innovate if they want to survive in the business sector. He taught that the

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