Peter Gibbons And Meursault: Critical Difference

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Title Peter Gibbons and Meursault have a few similarities in their personalities, but with one critical difference. Once Peter is hypnotized his view on his job aligns with Meursault. Secondly, with Peter still hypnotized, both characters lack any understanding of social norms. But the critical difference when they both commit crimes, Peter starts to realize his mistakes and feels guilt, while Meursault can't even understand what he did wrong. While Peter and Meursault both seem to be isolated in their own world, Peter eventually realizes his mistakes.
These characters both lack the ability to follow social norms . Meursault demonstrates this when he hears Raymond beating the woman across the apartment complex. The normal thing to do in this situation is to call the police or run over and break up the fight. Meanwhile Peter sees a hypnotherapist to help him overcome his stress. When Peter is sent into the trance halfway through the hypnotist dies of a heart attack before he can snap Peter out of the trance. With Peter fully submerged in this indifferent state he simply sits in his chair and relaxes for the first time in a while.
While still hypnotized Peter and Meursault are both indifferent towards their jobs. Before getting hypnotized, Peter thinks his job isn't going to get him anywhere
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Peter steals several hundred thousand dollars from his company with a computer program that was supposed to take a fraction of a penny from every transaction. The second he looked at how much he actually stole, he feels wrong about it and wants to turn himself in. He writes a confession letter and puts it in his boss's office, but conveniently the building burned down before he got to read it. Meursault shot a man to death, he fired six bullets into the man. Even up to his court hearing, he still couldn't understand what he did was

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