Peter Hanne Character Analysis

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On a Sunday night, South of Opotiki, an event so life threatening happened just outside of an 18-year-old's house. The 18-year-old also known as Peter Hannes risked his life to save another's. The accident was disastrous. A man was trapped inside a truck that was hanging over a river. The truck had jackknifed over the edge of the road. Peter found a way to get into the truck and pull the man out. Peter Hanne is the definition of a heroic person, Many people would have waited for help but he took matters into his own hands. He should be well known for being one of the most courageous people. To be courageous we must be both mentally and morally strong enough to venture, persevere, and withstand danger no matter how difficult scary the situation is. To be courageous one must be like Peter Hanne. Peter Hanne is courageous because if his moral strength, bravery, and caring personality. Peter Hanne has moral strength because he risked his life to save a stranger's life. In the text it states “We’re always complaining about our young people for those who mess up, but here is one young man who has…show more content…
This team acted extremely fast while they heard screams in a parking lot. What they saw was terrifying a girl was stuck under a car that they then helped get off of the girl. This was a courageous act yes i might say but it was not as courageous as Peter Hanne. Peter is more courageous because he had to actually go through an obstacle. He head to get in the teetering truck somehow without it falling, get the man out, and try not to kill himself. He knew how dangerous the situation was but he faced it all by himself with no one there to help guide him. The baseball team was a whole team of people that when combined they could of helped each other out so the other wouldn't get hurt, but Peter did it all himself and best of all accomplished the
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