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Title: Peter Hume Part 1 ‘People treat you better as a barista than a rock star’
The first time I met Peter Hume, he was clad in a leather jacket, tuning his guitar in the corner of a beer garden. He had invited me to see him perform as Peter Rabbit Music, and after greeting me like an old friend and giving me a hug, he and his girlfriend asked me to sit around the table with them.
It struck me how very normal the atmosphere was. Anyone walking by would have missed the fact that the longhaired muso was in fact a member of the well-known Australian band Evermore. The musician has ridden the success of a fifteen year career, spanning five albums (three went platinum and one greatest hits offering), seven ARIA nominations, an APRA Silver Scroll Award, numerous Top 10 singles, and he has toured internationally with brothers Jon and Dann. In the past, he has performed for arenas of people, but that night at the Worker’s Club in Brunswick, there was none of that. It was simply a man and his guitar, and it was clear that he
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“As I stopped taking [music] as seriously, I started writing songs again…I was just doing it for joy, really, for the joy of writing. Just the necessity. You feel like you need to after awhile.”
As a band, Evermore released their last album Follow The Sun three years ago, and Hume has used to the time since to formulate his new solo project Peter Rabbit. “When you stop doing something that you love… You end up getting hungry for it again, and really start falling in love again with song writing. It 's just one of those things where you let it go and it comes back.”
Since their last gig a year ago, the music industry and fans alike have been a flutter with questions about the band’s future. Forming when he a teenager, the 29 year old has never known life outside of Evermore until

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