Peter Island: A Short Story

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Panic. That’s what Louis felt, running as fast as he can through the thick, green and damp forest. “LOUIS! COME ‘ERE TOMMO!” Hook’s voice rang through the forest, scaring the birds who squawked and flew away. Now, Louis Tomlinson usually doesn’t panic, or run away from Hook or his workers. He usually flies away. But he doesn’t know where Tinker Bell was, but she’s in so much trouble. And, he didn’t want to get stabbed, nobody did. But Louis can’t die like that, he won’t die like that. His ancestor is the great great Peter Pan. Louis’ been growing up, he has. But he can’t grow anymore. He’s 23, and that’s how old he’s going to be staying. Louis was getting cuts on his ankle from the thorns sticking out of the plants. The shore. Louis could see the shore line perfectly from here, the forest was opening to the beach. Louis was panting, he was out of breath, and he could clearly hear fast footsteps approaching him. What should he do? If he goes to the beach, they’re obviously going to find him, and possibly kill him. So once Louis felt the damp dirt from the ground become hot and soft sand, he did the first thing he could think of. Louis ran ahead and jumped into the Ocean. He frantically moved his arms as the salt water burned his eyeballs. He was plunging in, and he could see that the ocean was, in fact, very deep. He had never been to this part of the island. “Where did he go?” “I don’t know! Find him you idiots!” Louis was in relief. They weren’t going to find him. Louis
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