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Peter Moore, born on 11th of January 1957, was an Australian football player who played for the Collingwood and Melbourne football club. In his early life, Moore studied in the Eltham High school and played for the school’s football club as full-forward, his passion for sports despite his academic performance. Moore is a talented tall man with height of 198cm, He was the ruckman for Collingwood Football Club and was captained of the club in 1981-1982, he played a total of 172 games and scoring 193 goals for the club. Moore suffered a hamstring injury of his final season in club and affected his field performance badly just before he was recruited by the Melbourne Football Club. In 1983 Moore joined the Melbourne Football Club and he has played…show more content…
There are 4 types of leadership. Directive, Supportive, Participative, and Achievement-oriented leadership setting challenge goal. Moore has shown to set challenging goal and has achieved it during his time in the Collingwood and Melbourne club, he won twice the Brownlow Medallist in 1979 (Collingwood) and 1984(Melbourne). He has shown supportive leadership by encouraging his son, Darcy Moore to join his old club, the Collingwood football club. In the characteristic of charismatic leadership, there are vision and articulation, personal risk, environmentally sensitivity, sensitive to follower needs, and unconventional behaviour. He is willing to take on personal risk during his hamstring injury in 1981 and played several games. Also in transactional and transformational leadership, leaders are highly correlated with lower turnover, higher productivity, lower employee stress and burnout, and higher employee satisfaction. Throughout Moore’s career, he did not receive any complains of not attending training and matches. He also has the foundation of leadership which is trust, we can assume that he has trust within the team players as for the record, he was not reported of having any conflict with team

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