Peter Pan Lord Of The Flies Comparison Essay

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Even wonder how children would act like without adults? Would they have a leader or rules? Would they act like adults or made choices on their own? These two fictional stories compare and contrast in the way that they show children’s behaviors without adults while building a, or several societies, overcoming difficulties and having different conclusions. These two stories are Peter Pan and The Lord Of The Flies. While both Peter Pan and The Lord of The Flies portray the actions of children on islands without adults, and while they both portray children following leaders and creating social structures, Peter Pan shows his followers as submissive to him with no challenge to his authority, ending the story in triumph. In contrast The Lord Of The Flies shows the leadership divided and challenged, eventually driving the children to destroy each other.

Peter Pan on Island

The setting in the book Peter Pan is on an island called Neverland - “the island come true” (Barrie, …show more content…

The first is a family structure. Peter had gone to get a mother for the lost boys for they did not have mothers, but being children they longed for the love of a mother. One of the lost boys came to Wendy begging her, ““O Wendy lady, be our mother.”” (Barrie, Chapter 6). Later on Peter is portrayed as a father to the boys, “The first twin came to Peter. “Father, we want to dance.”” (10). This shows that the original Lost boys have started to see Peter as their father, though Peter did not know how a father acted until John showed him. ““He is not really our father,” John answered. “He didn’t even know how a father does till I showed him.”” (Barrie, Chapter 10). One of the other social structures shown in this society is one of a clan structure. Peter becomes likes a chief to them after he saves Tiger Lily, even the redskins call him “Peter the Great White Father, prostrating themselves [lying down] before him”

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