Peter Pan Movie Analysis

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People in general enjoy watching animation movies in order to keep that child that is inside everyone alive. Children mostly are the ones watch these animations especially from the company Disney. As children watch these movies they do not see the hidden meaning behind them and do not think twice about it they just enjoy the experience of watching their beloved film. However, as an adult you start to doublethink about the message that is in the movies that displayed in front of the child. Take the case of Peter Pan – the boy who never grew up- he lives in Neverland and only goes to the house of The Darlings because of their daughter Wendy Darling that tells her two brothers stories about Peter, the other reason is because she believes that…show more content…
and Mrs. Darling. Mr. Darling is the breadwinner in the family and a proud businessman. He worries about getting to the party that will change his career, he also mocks Wendy for believing in Peter Pan and demands her to grow up therefore wants to move her out of the nursery that she is currently sharing with her brothers. He also yells at the children and demands respect from them and his wife, even from the dog Nana. He calls Wedny’s stories childish and mocks Mrs. Darling when she worries that Wendy’s stories might have truth to them. Mrs. Darling also portrays the stereotypical mother that is the peacemaker in the house and defends her husband to her children. She tucks the children in bed and says kind words to them in a gentle voice. She gets her husband ready for the party by tying his tie and cleaning his shirtfront, showing the viewers that she is the “perfect wife and mother”. Even the dog Nana – whom watches over the nursery - is portrayed in a stereotypical manner because Nana is a female and her job is to take care of the children, the dog is also shown to clean after the children when they mess up the room. Peter is the man! He is the leader and his followers are the “Lost Boys”. Through out the movie he rescues Wendy more than once and is the strong fighter against evil. The reason behind him taking Wendy to Neverland is so that she can be the Lost Boys’ mother. In
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