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In Peter Pan Peter does care for Wendy, but only as long as need be. He is only a child after all and will never understand how Wendy cared for him. Peter knew that a mother, though he liked to pretend they were unnecessary, was indeed needed. Hence Peter convinced Wendy to come to Neverland and be a mother-like figure to the lost boys and himself. Peter does care for Wendy, but only for as long as she is useful. We watches over her like property as evidenced by his guarding her when she was in the little house, “...Peter kept watch outside with drawn sword..”(93, J.M. Barrie). In the same way a boy cares for a mother, Peter cared for Wendy, except Wendy was, in Peter 's mind, replaceable.
Before Wendy reached Neverland she was awakened in the nursery by Peters crying. The famous line of, “boy, she said courteously, why are you crying?”(30), comes from their first
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It is only when there is a chance of losing her that Peter seems to care, but even then it is only because she is needed to fill a position. There is the instance of being trapped on Marooners tock in the Mermaid Lagoon as the tide is rising. Peter would not let Wendy stay on the rock and drown, and tying her to Michael 's kite he pushes her off to fly to safety. He cares enough about her to save her life, but his reason is only because,“You are a lady; never” (122).
Wendy was useful to Peter, she served her purpose and when she left Neverland still thinking fondly of Peter, he was already forgetting her. Just has he had forgotten Mrs. Darling and whoever came before Mrs. Darling, always forgetting. Perhaps Wendy had remained in the back of his head for a time, but not long seeing as he forgot all about coming for spring cleaning. And when Wendy was grown, and could no longer be of any use to him, he took her daughter Jane off to Neverland, and later on Jane’s daughter
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