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On October 8th at 7pm, I attended a ballet show in Bob Hope Theatre in Stockton called the Peter Pan by Bruce Steivel. Everyone knows Peter Pan by the Disney movie. However, this ballet show really amazed me because it did not only tell the originally story of Peter Pan but the dance is really interesting. Bob Hope Theatre is not the traditional location. It is perform in the San Mateo Performing Arts Center and also the Fox Theater Bakersfield. The Bob Hope Theatre’s stage is pretty big and also can sit around 2000 audience. The event took place on a Saturday night at 7pm and it lasted for an hour and a half with a fifteen-minute intermission. The purpose of this performance is to perform tell the story of Peter Pan by dancing ballet. The…show more content…
All the casts in the shows all danced ballet. At first the dancer would dance the ballet very slowly. When the music speed up and while the story got more exciting the dancers dance the ballet a lot faster. The dancer danced the ballet due to the speed of the music. There were no solos in the show but there are group formations. The group formations danced very neatly even though sometimes there were in a group of ten people at the same time. The group danced in lines and circles at different time of the show. The dancers switch off dancing in a line of a circle. The structure of the dance was based on the characters telling a story. The entire dances from the dancers were all choreographed before the show. They practiced a lot before the show to make it perfect for that night. The energy of the show was very fun because the dancers made the dance very flowing. There were slow, sudden and even percussive through out the show. The dancers danced based on the music and the story. The dancers move very naturally. The body posture for the dancers were very organized and nicely formed. The men and women movement were the same in this show. The dancers knew how much space they needed to give to each other so they did not bump into each
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