Peter Pan Short Story

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“All the children know, they are going to grow and be adults in the future.” Wendy realized this truth when she was two years old. One day, Darling Family was in the garden. Wendy picked up a flower and gave it to her mom. Mrs. Darling looked at her and then “Oh! I wish you could stay at this age forever, ” she said sensibly. From this short conversation, Wendy understood that, she has to grow up in a day. Today, Wendy is older and she has two brothers. John is Wendy’s elder and Michael is the younger brother. Mrs. Darling, sometimes heard a name: “Peter Pan” while the children talking. She was surprised to hear this name, because she didn’t know anybody named Peter. “Who is Peter?” she asked her daughter. “I think you know him, mommy.” she smiled. “He is Peter Pan” Mrs. Darling couldn’t remember him at first. Then she remembered a boy lives with fairies. “I used to believe Peter Pan when I was a child, but now I am an adult. I’m married and I have children, ” she thought. That night Mrs. Darling sat near the fireplace and sewed a shirt to Michael. She was happy because of the warmth of the fire. At that moment, somebody opened the window and a boy jumped into the living room. There was a small shiny creature near him. It wasn’t bigger than a punch. Mrs. Darling suddenly realized this boy was Peter Pan. He was a nice boy and his clothes were made of bark. Mrs. Darling screamed and then Peter Pan jumped out of the window. He moved very fast so his clothes fell into the
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