How Did Peter Paul Rubens Influence His Work

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It is of no debate that Peter Paul Rubens was a highly influential and masterful painter of his time. His work, although constantly changing and improving, inspired many artists after him, but it was the early artist of the late 15th century that inspired him, and helped him create his own style that changed the Baroque Period. After a long stay in Italy, Rubens moved to Antwerp, and brought his new baroque style to this once again commercial center. Antwerp provided Rubens with a place to sale to Patrons, as well as produce his own private art collection. During the height of Rubens ' Antwerp period, from 1608 to 1620, Rubens created many works of art, including Judith and Holofernes (figure 1) painted in 1616, that reflected Rubens use of…show more content…
His dramatic use of light is a technique that stands out very quickly in his art during this phase of Rubens career, and can be seen in Judith and Holofernes. His figures are barely illuminated by a candle in the older woman’s hand, which gives a nocturnal feeling and adds to the dramatic concept that Rubens was going for. Rubens successfully creates this lighting scene with polished brown and flesh colors of each of the three figures, along with the use of shadows. He also strengthened the light on Judith 's face, arm, and left hand and the folds of her dress with thick white body color. The warm tone and iridescent light effects give way to a cooler treatment of color. The light flickering off the fabrics of Judith’s dress was a common characteristic during Rubens’ early years in Antwerp, after his return from Italy. Ruben’s also uses this technique in his piece the Adoration of the Shepherds, (figure 2) which much like Judith and Holofernes, is enclosed in a darkness except a particular light source, that brings attention to the main focus of the piece. Both pieces are united by his use of only dark, rich natural colors that correspond to the compact forms, and produce an intensely harmonized expression. Although Rubens
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