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Have you ever thought about all the medical miracles? How many children have beat the odds of cancer? There are many today who are truly blessed and really have been given miracles; some are Peter, Kian, and Daniel. They have all beaten cancer in truly strong and amazing ways. Peter, or "Peter Powerhouse," is a young boy who was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma. It is a cancerous tumor that attacks the muscles; it is a rare tumor. It started in his pelvis and had moved up to his lungs as well. Peter was diagnosed when he was about 10 months old. “ Enjoy him the best you can,” their doctor advised Peter 's parents (Dennis and Dawn) after the doctor had told them that their son only had two months left to live. After an extraordinary seven months…show more content…
He was only 18 months old when he was given the diagnoses. The only parts in his body that were tumor free were his hands and his feet; His mom (Kat) just about fainted when the doctors showed her the scans of her little boy and all the black masses in his body. “They were in his spine, arms, legs, adrenal glands, lymph nodes, and in his skull and the doctors did not know if he would live”(Lucy Laing). Kian had to endure ten weeks of chemotherapy and surgery due to neuroblastoma. Kian’s mom quotes,“When the doctors said that they couldn’t see any tumors any more, it was such a relief. To think that he has fought off 27 of them is just a relief” (Brave Little Boy Defied the Odds...). There are very few children around the world that are diagnosed with neuroblastoma each year. Kian went to the doctor many times before they actually figured out that he had neuroblastoma. The first couple times his mother brought him into the hospital she was told that he was just teething, then they took x-rays to see if he had any broken bones and he did not so they again, sent him home. After about almost two months of Kian still not getting any better his mom; being from Newcastle, brought him to the city’s Royal Victorian Infirmary. When he got there the first thing they did was draw blood, but it was very difficult because his blood was colting instantly. Right away when Kian came in the doctors thought that it was a bone infection that Kian had so they kept him in overnight for observation. After the blood tests came back the doctors discovered the horrific truth that Kian had cancerous cells in his body. Today Kian still had to go through radiotherapy because neuroblastoma can recur in children. Bettina Bungay- Balwah quotes,”It’s a wonderful thing when children make it through from a high-risk illness like this. This case is very rare” (Brave Boy Defied the
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