Peter Roos Arguments In Favor Of The Educational Rights Of Minority Children

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Video Reflection: This presentation introduces META (Multicultural Education, Training and Advocacy) co- director Peter Roos, who argues in favor of the Educational rights of the Minority Children. He begins by explaining the history of Bilingual programs in the United States and the influence the Civil Rights Movement had in Education. An example of this influence was the case Brown vs the Board of Education, where African Americans sought the desegregation of schools. This case among others sought the eradication of the concept of discrimination based on race, color or nationality and extend it to the schools, inspiring an educational reform that became the foundation of today’s current programs. Despite the success of Brown vs the Board of Education, schools had no…show more content…
These programs established the need to train teachers adequately so that they could implement the correct approaches that would support pedagogical theories and establish the materials and resources necessary to succeed. Assessment and responsibilities also had to be implemented in order to determinate the right standards, not to mention they fall in and out of favor with the social anti-immigrant sentiments that fluctuate with time and change with society. Therefor court legislation and state responsibility has to provide monitoring and oversight, with the state holding the responsibility for the curriculum and implementation. Even after all of these accomplishments the video also addresses that many states and districts do not acknowledge the presence of ESOL students expecting the students to carry the burden of change and not the schools. Peter Roos also mentions in the video the role of the community and the necessity to train parents and the community to advocate, participate and monitor the schools and file complaints of necessary. Teachers can also help by advocating for their students. These efforts are important in order to build or create coalitions that support
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