Peter S. Goodman Rhetorical Analysis

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Peter S. Goodman builds an argument to persuade his audience that news organizations should increase the amount of professional foreign news coverage by giving solutions to the problem he claims that news stations currently has. Goodman states that news agencies do not report nor have reporting about foreign news. Goodman than uses problem and solution to explain his points and to solve his points. He also uses the device appeal to logos to explain his points. And lastly, Goodman compares studies to support his views on this crisis. Goodman uses problem and solution to explain how news agencies can fix this crisis. Goodman states that one reason why news agencies cut down on foreign news coverage is because of the Great Recession. He says “As a Great Recession was blamed in part on global Imbalances in savings.” This states the problem. A solution that Goodman gives is to use social media. He says “We all know the power of Twitter,…show more content…
Goodman uses a census from the American Journalism Review to help him support his argument. He says “Back in 2003, American Journalism Review produced a census of foreign correspondents then employed by newspapers based in the United States, and found 307 full-time people. When AJR repeated the exercise in the summer of 2011, the count had dropped to 234.” This shows that Goodman compared two different census from two different on the same topic. It also shows that the number of foreign correspondents from 2003 to 2011 has severely dropped. This supports his argument. Peter S. Goodman builds an argument on how News organizations should increase the amount of foreign news coverage. He uses problem and solution, appeal to logos, and comparison in the passage to support his claim. He supports his argument by giving plenty of information to his audience so his audience can relate to his views. By supporting his arguments, Goodman strengthens his views which than persuades his
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