Peter Singer's Argumentative Essay

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It has become obvious that the world is falling further into debt every year, even in our own country, reports show that “one in seven Americans are in debt,” (Rector, Robert, and Sheffield). While there have been many efforts to fix the devastation of poverty, it is no secret that the majority of the world is still in need of help. One of the most heated solutions comes from a man named Peter Singer and which he states that whatever money is spent on luxuries should be given away to those who are impoverished, and struggle for the basic needs of life. With this intention, you’re probably wondering what exactly is considered to be a luxury for people. Something that is luxury is everything besides the bare necessities such as water, food, shelter, and etc. In simpler terms, a luxury is the extra things in life, that aren’t necessary for the basic needs to live.…show more content…
Continuously, Peter Singer’s solution would be extremely beneficial in some areas in the world that are in poverty. This would help everyone receive what they need, including health care and an education. However, it is important to consider that the benefits do not always outweigh the negatives. We must address that falling into poverty is simply human error, and something we actually control. The impoverished have the option to do something about the situation that they have been put in, yet they choose to become dependent on the rest of the world. Another highly problematic situation in concern with Peter Singer’s solution is the loss of social lives because this affects a wide scope of people. I believe the cons far outweigh the pros in Singer’s Solution, and it is important that the government aid and attend to the issue at

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