Peter Singer's Out Of Poverty

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Outsmarting Poverty

Poverty is a common world-wide issue in which people lack the finances to provide basic necessities for themselves as well as their family members. This includes factors such as food, clothing, clean water, and shelter. This is a problem which happens to exist and occur in other countries as well as the United States, hence making it a world-wide issue. Some people have the belief in which those stuck in poverty should and must be given everything; whereas, others who disagree with that statement may believe that those who are stuck in poverty should learn to have a hard work ethic and be able to pull themselves out of poverty without the help of others. However, the answer lies somewhere in between those two beliefs. Peter Singer, a moral philosopher and bioethicist, argues for the more prosperous individuals to contribute to members of their community who are considered to be impoverished with lesser means. Furthermore,“whatever money you’re spending on luxuries, not necessities, should be given away” (Singer, Peter). Therefore, those in poverty would be given the opportunity to pull themselves out of the current state they are in by receiving financial support from those who are wealthily successful within the society. However, I am in opposition to Peter Singer’s statement. Although his intentions are good, and his heart is morally in the right place, people in poverty should not acclimate to relying on handouts from those who have worked hard to

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