Peter Skene Ogden's Contributions

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Peter Skene Ogden. He was born in 1794 at Quebec, and he died in 1854. He was the leader in fur trading. He retired to Oregon City. Ogden traveled to fort Vancouver in 1829-1830. He was outstanding in the new frontier, he was popular with the Americans. Ogden was the youngest son out of his whole family. His dad/father held judgeship. Plus he lead six major expeditions. Ogden’s trappers were so small that 23 of 70 of his men joined the American party. Ogden was the one who named Mt. Shasta in northern California. Ogden held the highest field work. He even got promoted to the chief factor, he also became clerk. At age 15 to16 he joined the Montreal-based northwest company. He met an American party. Last Ogden and his men traveled throughout
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