Peter Sprigg What's Wrong With Letting Same Sex Couples Marry Analysis

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Senior fellow for policy studies, Peter Sprigg in a Question and Answer article titled “What’s Wrong With Letting Same-Sex Couples Marry?” addresses this matter of controversy by stating-in his opinion- the ‘vast negative consequences’ concerning gay marriage equality. In order to answer these questions, Sprigg uses a cataloging of biased satire, as opposed to factual information in backing up his opinions. Thus, considering his audience consists of those who are for gay rights or, at the least, do not understand such a negative connotation regarding what could be an incredibly life-changing milestone for many, I am very much against his close-minded responses. Furthermore, although it is technically lnews learning that Peter Sprigg in particular thinks allowing gay couples to marry is wrong I can’t say that I’m definitively taken aback when I discover that yet another individual carries this mindset that, “Homosexual relationships are not marriage”(Sprigg P.2), though disappointing nonetheless. Thus, the author chose this ‘Question-Answer’…show more content…
What is companionship? Many would say that these are just two things that go hand in hand in what many would consider marriage, but according to Sprigg, “It’s still not sufficient to define marriage”(Sprigg P.7). In addition, He uses this to support his protest that homosexual relationships shouldn’t be given the legal status of marriage. To some this is all simply a man answering questions while declaring his standpoint on the topic, but to me it’s much more. As a member-for lack or a better word- of the LGBT community it honestly breaks my heart to see that someone could be so determined that marriage defies same-sex relationships as well as have the audacity to even claim said unions have any ‘consequences’ at all, and negative at that. I only hope to encourage others onto the bandwagon that love is love, whether that exists between a man and a man, woman and woman, r man and woman; it’s all the
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