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3.) Since its foundation around 1500, Russia has focused its aim on its expansion of the Russia state. The reign of the Tsars (Mongol horse nomads), officially started with Prince Ivan IV (“The Terrible”), and played a crucial role in the centralization of the Russian state. The exploration of Siberia (The New World), crossing into Alaska, and utilizing the Amur River Valley east of Mongolia as an agricultural base for grain, led to the expansion of the empire. The victory of the Great Northern War under Peter the Great emerged Russia as a major power house amongst the European, and allowed for more direct contacts between Russia and Europe. He greatly expanded Russia by gaining access to ports alongside the Baltic, Black and Caspian Seas.…show more content…
Another implementation was the pushing of Russian Elite to imitate European fashions to conform to western styles. And to out an end to the seclusion of higher class Russian women, Peter required officials to have their wives accompany them to social gatherings at the capital, as well as directing nobles to educate their children. The difference of the modernization of Russia and Europe came with the rise of Peter the Great. Russia was no longer vied as a backward nation suck in medieval times, but as a dominant player in the balance of power in Europe. Peter buried himself into learning and acquiring skills in blacksmithing, shipbuilding, and war arts, which assisted in the building of Russia’s first Navy, which modernized the field of Naval power. Before the leadership of peter, Russia was a nation divided into uneven districts, which were each governed by a nearby city. He transformed the scattered nation into an efficient state through the creation of both a Senate and a Cabinet to supervise the rapid growing…show more content…
Russia now entering the great powers of Europe, led to the fall of the Ottoman Empire. And the goal of expanding Russia, still thrives in modern Russian

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