Peter The Great's Leadership Style

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Born in Moscow, Russia on June 9, 1672, Peter the Great was a Russian czar in the late 17th century who took over the Russian throne from his half sister,and is best known for his extensive reforms in an attempt to establish Russia as a great nation. He created a strong navy, reorganized his army according to Western standards, secularized schools, administered greater control over the reactionary Orthodox Church, and introduced new administrative and territorial divisions of the country.
Peter the Great is considered one of the most effective transformational leaders in Russian history. His leadership style was strongly influenced by events in his early life, which produced the violent themes of his thoughts, the fear for his own safety and
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Peter demonstrated behaviors and competencies consistent with effective leadership in modern life, while his darker side was characterized by an erratic leader enforced through humiliation and horror. Peter was very opportunistic in his actions. He was remarkably able to focus on the future and for his determination to realize his ambitions. His changes are benchmarks for every leader, such as his energy, his continuous personal education and development, his speed and decisiveness, the creation of a new culture, and his extraordinary capacity to lead a nation or people. Despite being a great leader, Peter had quite a few mistakes, which were usually just as spectacular as his achievements. One huge mistake was not providing the nation with a successor, which led to Russia being in complete jeopardy after his death. In conclusion Peter the great was a charismatic and ambitious leader focused on making Russia a western superpower like all those great nations he had seen in his visits to Europe. He revolutionized the Russian to culture and brought it closer to that of western society unlike the barbaric and dark culture that it was before. He claimed a new port and named it saint petersburg and called it his window to the west and from that point on Russia was a global superpower through the ambition and tactics of one

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