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A man named Peter Waldo was born in 1140 in Lyon, France and lived until 1280. He was a wealth clothier and a merchant from Lyons and a man of some learning. Sometime before the year 1160 he would be inspired by many events after hearing a sermon on the life of St. Alexius. Secondly, rejection of transubstantiation which was considered a capital crime to do so. Thirdly, the sudden and unexpected death of a friend during an evening meal. From this point of his life he began living a radical Christian life giving his property to his wife. His remainder of the belongings he gave as aims to the poor. At this time of his life, Waldo began to preach and teach publicly. He based his teachings on his ideas of simplicity and poverty. He decided to dedicate his life…show more content…
Waldo and his followers settled in the high valleys of Piedmont, and in France, in the Luberon, Waldo and his followers still continued in their pursuit of Christianity based on the New Testament. During this time they were forced to stay in the high valleys of Piedmont for a while until it was clear to go out. Finally Waldo was excommunicated by Pope Lucius III during the synod held at Verona in 1184, and regarded as heresy. 
 The Roman Catholic Church began to persecute the Waldensians, and many were tried and sentenced to death in various European countries during the 12th, 13th, and 14th centuries. Many Christians were fleeing to the maps and hiding there to save there lives and hiding away from them. Many christians were persecuted and died because of there faith. Waldo was finally sentenced to death, and he lived a good life and was able to to create a new gospel and translate the Bible into the new testament. Waldo’s death was able to create a new Christian movement connected with the Genevan or Reformed branch of the Protestant Reformation. Waldo was a good man and stood up for his beliefs for himself and
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