Petey's Character Analysis

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As Petey rested in his room of darkness, he heard a faint sound by his wheelchair. His heart pounding, Petey jerked when he saw three little fuzzy creatures scattered. This was his first sight of mice. Joe notices Petey nodding his head and trying to speak words, thinking that Petey is not an idiot. Even though, many nurses and staff of the asylum seem to think so. Petey is learning to how to answer yes or no questions, by nodding and speaking more clearly. He is stepping up with maturity and is coming to the conclusion that there will be many obstacles but he is learning from every experience, good or bad. Petey is starting to get tired of working hard at getting better because he “knows” that he will never be able to get up and actually move. But, he then realizes that even a little success is more important than failure today.…show more content…
She was his first love and the only way to remember her is a necklace, to think of her and there is no other way to “see her again” (with memories) Calvin and Petey are isolated from everyone and feel that they always get separated with the ones they love the most, like Cassie and Joe. Petey promises himself that no matter how difficult, he wouldn’t be hurt by anyone again. He had been hurt for the last time. Trevor feels so bad for Petey because he has cerebral palsy and that his life is so unfair. When people hurt Petey, who was helpless he thought that he was living in a crazy world with some cold hearted people. It is time to dig up old ghosts for Petey. He wants to be with Calvin again because he misses him and Calvin is one of his only true friends. He is looking back at past memories but looking for future
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