Petrarch's Vulnerable Separation Essay

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Petrarch’s Sonnet 292 and Donne’s poem, A Valediction Forbidding Mourning, depict a lover’s vulnerable separation. Although both present the idea of separation, Petrarch’s depiction speaks of a mournful melancholic state intensifying the feelings of lost love, conveyed by the use of various metaphors, dusky euphemism, and biblical allusion. Whereas Donne’s portrayal is based on divine eternity and everlasting love, as expressed through the use of buoyant diction, extended metaphors, and ________. Both poems also present a differ in structural techniques such as peripeteia or the “turn”, and rhyme scheme. The use of metaphors through Petrarch’s Sonnet 292, create a visible image of the infatuation towards his lover. In line 6 it says, “The
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