The CNC Case Study: Zollo And Winter's

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3.3.1 The CNC case

The creation of dynamic capabilities by CNC can be viewed according to two perspectives. The first concerns Zollo and Winter’s (2002) learning mechanisms, which are summarized in Table III. In addition to the restructuring of the company, observed through the opening of a new office in Rio de Janeiro, the restructuring of the IT department, the purchase of new machines, new licenses and software, and the employment of specialized personnel, one must consider the advancement of business practices adopted to meet the Petrobras’ standards. As for the software, if we compare the three analysed projects, the number of software used has increased from two in the first project, six in the second project and seven in the third project.
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The first aspect concerns Zollo and Winter’s (2002) learning mechanisms, as summarized in Table 6. In addition to the restructuring of the company, observed through the expansion of a commercial building from three to eight floors, the IT department was completely remodelled, with the acquisition of new machines, new licenses and software and the employment of specialized personnel. Realizing that Petrobras demanded increasingly detailed and complex projects, GPR created in IT department a “Research and Development Centre” to develop new software engineering tools. After presenting the first project using the COMOS software, GPR was invited by Petrobras to commercialize the customized version of the software, which is now standard for Petrobras projects with all engineering companies. Here, there is a clear case of creation of capabilities to be able to compete for contracts with…show more content…
A new concept of work was adopted, which was more focused on the expertise of professionals and the increase in project quality. KAT attributes his "management maturity" to the experience of executing projects with Petrobras. The company began hiring engineers specialized in every engineering discipline, opened a department for each subject, adopted the practice of hiring trainees engineers and of preparing them to later on fill new skills already signalled by Petrobras projects.

Being Petrobras supplier has opened new opportunities for partnerships and alliances for KAT, both EPC companies and others in the oil and gas sector. The company also adopted new working practices such as periodic trainings and meetings on the lessons learned from each project finalized with Petrobras. We can thing of these practices as a way to formalize knowledge, increasing dynamic
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