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Petrocelli Through Lorber’s Theories Judith Lorber, a professor emerita of sociology and women’s studies at Brooklyn College and City University of New York, wrote an essay that outlines a major idea in her research; the behaviors that humans think of as “natural” to men and women. Her research in the essay From Believing is Seeing: Biology as Ideology can be used to analyze the reactions and responses in an article by Matthew Petrocelli, Trish Oberweis, and Joseph Petrocelli titled Getting Huge, Getting Ripped: A Qualitative Exploration of Recreational Steroid Use. Through the analyzation of Petrocelli’s article the thesis, due to society forcing a way of looking and acting onto people they will be forced to extreme lengths to fit society’s standards. 2 basic 2 compound 1 periodic 1 cumulative 1 parallel 1 fig of speak 1 work cited In Lorber’s essay she makes the claim “Once the gender category is given, the attributes of the…show more content…
In society this social power is usually seen as a male attribute. Petrocelli’s quote “Another major motivation which surfaced in our interviews was the desire to ‘get huge.’” (Petrocelli 758) displays another reason men feel pressured by social standards, if they are not huge they are not a “true” man. These quotes seem to be polar opposites yet that is not the case, Lorber’s quote sets the groundwork for Petrocelli’s findings. Driving gives a person social power normally a man will drive whether he is the better driver or not. When a man is “huge” it also gives him a social power, he is seen as a better, bigger man. Therefore if both create a form of social power, a man, through society 's standards, should be the dominant driver and have large muscle mass because he is the male meaning that he needs to have those social

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