Petroleum Product Structure

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DESIGN CONSTRUCTION AND TESTING OF A PETROLEUM PRODUCT STORAGE TANK 10 MILLION LITRE CAPACITY AGHO N., MAILABARI SK., OMORODION IH Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Benin ABSTRACT Tanks are generally used for storage and find wide range of applications in different fields both domestically and industrially. Nigeria as a major oil producer in Africa has need for maximum capacity tanks for the storage of crude and other petroleum products. These thanks are mostly made from steel and are located within the proximity of product sources which are mostly estuarine/offshore environment. Consequently, these tank facilities are prone to corrosion due to their reaction with the environment and the corrosive nature of some of…show more content…
To this end, the design made reference to the American Petroleum Institute Manual 650 (12th Edition) as a guide so as to mitigate the various challenges mentioned. Additionally, a vapour recovery system was also installed to re-channel evaporated product into the tank. Some fundamental considerations include tank shape, height, diameter and materials used. The end product is a cylindrical tank of 27.4m diameter, height of 17.5m, fixed cone roof, and incorporated with a vapour recovery system as well as an automated temperature regulation system. A corrosion allowance of 2mm was also considered. INTRODUCTION Tanks are an important part of the oil and gas industry. They are used for storing crude oil as well as the refined products of crude oil. The state of refined products of crude oil is highly unstable in harsh weather conditions. With the high demand for products of crude oil, it is therefore important to ensure a safe process for refining, transporting as well its storage. Tank farms have been set up to store the products of refined crude oil. The tanks are subject to the harsh weather conditions as well a as chemical interactions with the products. The tanks must therefore be designed to withstand these…show more content…
Consequently, the oil and gas industry contributes significantly to the economy. The need to move and store petroleum products to/at where they are required has created an increased demand for the establishment of large capacity tank farms. Tank design and construction is a capital intensive project and several innovations have been introduced to reduce cost and maximize profits. To this end, minimal use of materials, use of modern materials/technology and incorporation of modern safety measures have been suggested by some thank designers. However, much is still required to address the current challenges encountered in the storage

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